Ways to Find the Best Auto Insurance Companies

commercial car insurance quotesWhen you buy you buy a liability policy for your auto you want to be absolutely sure that the policy you are spending your hard earned money on is a good company. However, choosing the best auto insurance companies from the many quotes and estimates you get can be very challenging. Before signing up with any one company over another you want to be sure they are reliable, have great customer service and how efficient they are in how they settle claims.

Your States Insurance Web Site

The first place to start researching the companies is on your state’s department of insurance web site. This is one of the best resources you will have to find out about a company you might be considering to insure your automobile.

Most people never even think about their states website, but each and every state has a department of insurance. Most of them have Web sites, and many of them publish as well “consumer complaint ratios” for each and every company that sells a policy in that state. What this ratio tells you is how many consumers have made complaints on an auto insurance company. You will find that this is a great way to find and evaluate a company you are seriously thinking about.

A Repairman Always Knows

Another great way to do some extra research in finding the best company to buy a policy with is to find out who they use to repair the cars. You can very easily contact the body shops on the phone and ask them what they think of the company.  You will find that body shop managers have a very unique perspective to offer, since they usually are the ones who interact with insurance adjusters to most.

They will know exactly which companies have the smoothest claim processes, because they have to deal with the adjusters when they repair the cars. They know what companies want them just get a car fixed where other ones are more interested in getting a quality repair done for their clients. They know what tricks insurers use to try and cut costs when they are repairing your vehicle after an accident.

J.D. Power Ratings

You can very easily check the J.D. Power Ratings. They work very hard to collect pertinent data from individual policyholders nationwide. Then they rate them according to several factors like coverage options, price, claims handling, the satisfaction with company representatives and the overall experience. You can very easily find this information on their website.

A.M. Best & Standard & Poor’s

You also want to make sure that the company that you select is in a healthy financial situation. This company publishes financial strength ratings for all insurers and they measure whether a company is able to pay out consumers claims. This will tell you what the financial position is of a specific company you are interested in purchasing your policy with.

Looking at all these resources are a great way for you to figure out which company is the best company for you to purchase a policy from.